Our business activities are grouped in Lauritzen Fonden Holding, which manages assets worth more than DKK 10 billion in the companies J. Lauritzen, DFDS and other investments.

Below find more information about our business activities.


J. Lauritzen A/S


LF Investment ApS

J. Lauritzen

Since J. Lauritzen was established in 1884, the shipping company has been engaged in a broad range of different sectors within international shipping.

Today, J. Lauritzen operates as a holding- and investment company in the maritime sector and currently owns i.a. the dry cargo shipping company Lauritzen Bulkers and several minority shareholdings in listed shipping companies, including BW Epic Kosan, Hafnia and Gram Car Carriers and has investments in shipping funds.


DFDS is northern Europe’s largest integrated shipping and logistics company.

DFDS Seaways operates a network of 30 routes with 55 freight and passenger ships, while DFDS Logistics provides freight solutions in Europe with trailers, containers, and rail.

DFDS has 7,000 employees (incl. associated companies) in 20 countries. The Company was founded in 1866, is headquartered in Copenhagen, and is listed on NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen.

Through LF Investment ApS (LFI) is Lauritzen Fonden engaged in the following companies:

Frederikshavn Maritime Business Erhvervspark A/S runs the real estate leasing at Danyards former shipyard areas in Aalborg and Frederikshavn. FME dispose over 50.000 kvm office, production and storage space. They are currently leased to more than 70 different tenants. Read more about FME.

Durisol UK
Production of sustainable building blocks for the construction of all types of internal and external walls. The blocks are made of 80 pct. reusable material and only 20 pct. cement. In addition the blocks are sound absorbent. Read more about Durisol.

Invest Brasil A/S
Founded in 2008. Investments in real estate projects, business properties and shopping centres for the rapidly growing Brazilian middle class. Read more here.

SmartVan A/S
Smartvan provides professional equipment for vansSmart. Read more about SmartVan.

NanoNord A/S
NanoNord develops real-time analytical equipment to various industries using NMR technologies. The company has developed CatGuard which measures catfines (catalytic fines) in ships bunker oil and Tveskaeg which measures critical impurity in water or in the waste water industry. Read more about NanoNord.

Axis Offshore Pte. Ltd.
The main activity of Axis Offshore is to operate the Safe Swift, a high-end monohull accomodation vessel for oilrigs and other industries at sea.

Expanite A/S
Expanite has developed a fast and cost-effective process for superior surface hardening of stainless steel. Products treated with Expanite technology significantly improves corrosion, galling, fatigue and wear-resistance according to the customers particular needs. Read more about Expanite.

Biotech company developing a vaccine against the infection called group B streptococcus. Especially aimed at protecting pregnant women from passing on harmful viruses to their newborns. Read more about MinervaX.