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Our focus

In recent years our projects have been more focused on vulnerable children and young people. We believe that in order to pull together as a unit in the future we need to make sure that all hands have the strength to do the lifting. We believe there’s resources in each and everyone of us. Thus projects aiming at securing the well-being, safe environment and upbringing for those vulnerable groups in society have our interest.

In addition we support projects ranging within our foundation charter such as shipping, culture, social and humanitarian work, and education.*

Lauritzen Group employees
To safeguard the Lauritzen Group’s employees and their well-being we distribute scholarships to employees, children of employees and former employees of the Lauritzen Group each year. Please visit the employees’ pages to read more about how we support the Lauritzen Group’s employees.

*Not individuals outside the Lauritzen Group

Selection of projects we work with

All relevant applications are considered in our Appropriations Committee. They recommend the projects to the board of directors – the final approving instance. The Appropriations Committee make sure the applications submitted to the board are within the charter.

We evaluate the projects economy and see if there’s a set of values behind the project that matches the Foundation’s. The sustainability aspect of the project will also be included in our evaluation.

It is important for the committee that the fiery souls behind the application shines through. In addition, it is important that there is a belief in the ability and willingness of the individual to make an effort in their own lives and become a contributing citizen.

We evaluate what kind of increased value a grant from us could lead to. This includes new knowledge and testing of new methods.

It is very important to us that the projects we engage in do not become dependent of our support. Independence is key – that’s why we always favor when other foundations are applied for as well. We engage in long term collaborations if it’s vital for the purpose of the grant.

Historically we have an primary interest in the areas  Esbjerg and Ribe, secondary in Helsingør but also in Aalborg and Frederikshavn.

Lauritzen Fonden does not provide funding for the following
  • Students NOT connected with the Lauritzen Group. Meaning that in order for the student to apply for a grant, they must have a familiy-related linkage to the Lauritzen Group
  • Study trips for persons NOT connected with the Lauritzen Group
  • Social support for individuals
  • Theatre, film, TV and video projects
  • Publication of magazines and books
  • Publication of music
  • Concerts and exhibitions in Denmark and abroad
  • Conferences, meetings and seminars in Denmark and abroad
  • Project expenses already incurred at application date


New application system.

If you already have a profile in our old system and seeking new support, please use the same email address as before to access you history.

Apply here.


Lauritzen Fonden has four yearly grant distributions. Upcoming application deadlines are:

23 June 2024

6 October 2024

  1. Before applying please make sure your project is within the Foundations range.
  2. Apply well in advance and before the project begins. We do not support finalized projects. See our deadlines above.
  3. Remember that the project has to be of public utility and that the Foundation believes in “help-to-self help” as the right approach when helping people get back on their feet.
  4. Describe the idea and vision behind your project. How does the project combine a new approach and a high professional quality?
  5. As a minimum remember to include the following points in your application:
    • The project’s purpose, means/activities and expected results
    • The project’s target group and planned communication on the project towards this group
    • The project’s budget and financial plan
  6. Be thorough and precise in your application. Do not submit it before making sure all points are filled out and you are satisfied with the result.
  7. Important! Remember you can save your data entry any time and finish the application at a later time. Just save your data entry often – if you’re away from the application system more than 30 minutes, entered data that is not saved will be lost.