Data Protection Policy

Lauritzen Fonden is obliged to inform The Danish Tax Authorities (SKAT) about all grants. You need to type in an SE number if you are applying on behalf of an organization or a company, or your CPR number/date of birth if you are applying on behalf of yourself or represent the project personally.

Student grants are in most cases not taxable. Regulations can be found in the Assessment Act – for more information go to SKAT’s website.

Learn about Lauritzen Fonden’s handling of personal information here:

Handling of personal information – GDPR – Increased focus on data protection

Lauritzen Fonden is subject to the Personal Data Protection Act. The Danish Data Protection Agency is a central governing institution overseeing that the regulations of the act are not violated.

What information do we register and why? Below you can read how Lauritzen Fonden registers and uses the information supplied by you and the traces you leave when maneuvering around the website

Lauritzen Fonden does not gather information from any visitor profile without cause.
Any information you leave in the electronic application, on our website or comment you make on our Facebook page, will be used on the chosen platform only.

Lauritzen Fonden does not pass on or sell personal data to a third party. Only if legally obliged will we pass on information to the authorities.

CPR numbers and banking information are filed for up to five years.

In case of rejection, application is masked after 6 months from application date and upon grant it is after 66 months. Masked means that the last 4 digits in CPR number will be crossed out (XXXX).

Information filled out by you

Grant applications:
When filling out the application form you are asked to provide a series of information, also personal information.

The information you are asked to provide are classified as ‘non-sensitive personal information’ by the Personal Data Protection Agency, including confidential information.

By submitting an application you fully accept and give consent to the fact that Lauritzen Fonden keeps your CPR number and banking information, also in case the application is rejected.

Who uses the information?

All information is used internally in Lauritzen Fonden, however, internal (read employee group) applications will be verified in the company.

If the application is approved and a grant has been authorized the amount is automatically reported to SKAT. Other than that Lauritzen Fonden does not pass on information to a third party, unless we are legally obliged to by the authorities or it is an internal application.

Information we register on our website uses so-called cookies – a textfile,  which is stored on your computer, mobile or similar, with the objective of recognizing it, remember settings and track website traffic.


Lauritzen Fonden’s website has links to external websites but cannot be held responsible for the content of these or the ones linking back to We urge you to be aware how and when you leave the page when filling out your online application.

Insight and objections

In case you wish to gain access to your registered data or have them deleted, please contact Lauritzen Fonden, executive secretary Linda Sparrevohn Riedel on email

Updated 1 June 2018