General information regarding your application which you must pay attention to: Your workplace will see your application for verification and possible comments. This means that your company confirms your employment and seniority.


You are employed in DFDS A/S or in a company in which the Lauritzen Group has a 50 % holding or more and your company may be anywhere in the world. Denmark is the reference/starting point with respect to the general details given in this website. Multiplicity is a general theme – nationality is no limitation.

You have at least 1 year seniority in the company.

Employee’s child(ren)

The parents have at least 1 year seniority in the company.

Former employees

Applications are basically considered on the basis of need and the latest annual tax statement must be submitted. Generally, former employees must have had at least three years of service but left within the past five years and not have a regular job.