As an employee within the Lauritzen Group, with a minimum of 1 year seniority* in the company, you can apply for the following types of grants:

* The seniority requirement does not apply to interns in the Lauritzen Group who are applying for travel grants.

In connection with the support of employees’ social or cultural volunteer work, we differentiate between the following:


It’s possible for employees  to facilitate an application on behalf of an organization or project where the employee is active as board member or the like. It’s not possible to apply on behalf of an individual.

The employee has to be catalyst and mediator, but the organization or project are the “sender” and the ones whose name goes on the formal application. Meaning: it’s an external application. It’s the responsibility of the employee to make sure that the organization or project mentions the employee and the company in the application. The Foundation will verify the information


  • Social drop-in centre
  • Homework cafe
  • Night Owls (Natteravnene)
  • Childrens Adult Friends (Børns voksenvenner)
  • Dansk Søredningsselskab
  • Coach at a sports club
  • Choir leader, theatre etc.
  • Sport or other cultural activity benefiting a social project
  • Boy Scout work


As an employee you can facilitate a grant to the social work you’re involved in for up to DKK 20,000. All applications are however subject to the Foundations individual assesment.


Employees with at least 1 year seniority can apply for a travel grant for a one month (min.) unpaid volunteer travel.


  • Mercy ships – hospital ships
  • Projects involving street kids
  • Childcare work/ orphanage
  • Protection of nature

Maximum amount for a travel grant is DKK 20,000. All applications are however subject to the Foundations individual assesment.

Supplementary conditions

The volunteer work has to have taken place for at least a year. Being an active or a passive member is not enough. Working unpaid and volunteering for the common good of the community is a prerequisite for applying.

NGO or organization can be in Denmark or abroad, but has to have some connection to Denmark.

Travel grants are only granted if travels are connected to the organization or NGO. Travel grants for travels connected with commercial activities such as travel agencies, Projects Abroad og Adventure Heart are not given.

The Foundation will look favorably on employees doing volunteer work connected to the projects and organizations we’re already working together with and supporting.

If more employees are involved in the same cause, project or organization Lauritzen Fonden will take that into account.

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Special grants

Special grants are distributed to employees in connection with a financial or social need. For instance:

  • Headcount reductions
  • Serious illness
  • Death or other social event, taking into account the family’s financial situation
  • Mental or physical injury
  • Equipment for the disabled
  • Psychological counselling
  • Convalescence and/or stay at a health resort
  • Addiction problems

Supplementary conditions

You must have a proven need for support and/or have exhausted public funding options.

A budget must be submitted with your application

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Lauritzen Fonden offers support to employee-initiated activities that provides a cultural, porting and social framework in the companies, onboard the vessels or on an external basis. Activities should be of a certain size and should benefit en be enjoyed by as many as possible.


  •  A network of employees with common interests or social challenges (i.e. dyslexic children, teen challenges, food- and lifestyle issues or activities after serious illness)
  • Senior network (i.e. educational initiatives, exchange of experience within volunteer work)
  •  Cultural initiatives in offices or on ships (music, revue, sports)
  •  Activites across and between the Lauritzen Group companies
  • Sports prizes
  • Lectures
  • Theatrical performances or concerts
  • Company visits

We do not give grants towards the general operationg costs of clubs, etc.

If an employee is employed as an “Intern” in a company within the Lauritzen Group, the employee will be able to apply for a travel grant of DKK 30,000 for an exchange semester at a university in Singapore, Hong Kong, Texas or Athens in connection with the employee’s education at CBS in International Shipping & Trade.

The internship agreement must be concluded prior to the exchange semester in the 4th semester.